• Afterglow


By Chloe Wade

The sound of your voice makes me dissipate,

And dissolve into the ripples of your words.

I float. I flow. And I disappear.

I don't know where you take me,

But I wish I could stay

In our shielded little rockpool, safe

From the world.


The ocean is too deep, I tire of the shallows.

I don't need the artificial love of swimming pools;

They may be safe, but they sting.

I wish to dive headfirst into feeling,

And submerge myself in real love.

- There are no lifejackets in life.

No dipping your toes into emotion.

In our little rockpool, I can feel without falling.

Descend without drowning.

I can bounce back from the bottom and rise to the surface, into your


Into our rockpool.


Nobody needs to see me dissolve,

My stresses effervesce...

Only you. Together we are the air, the water, the earth - our passion is the fire.

We feel everything and nothing together.

In our rockpool, we become one

And even without words, the warmth remains.

You are my happy place.

This poem was written by Chloe Wade as part of Afterglow's blog writing opportunities. For more information about blogging for Afterglow visit