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Keeping Safe while there is a coronavirus outbreak

Acts of Kindness to keep yourself and others safe.

1. Change your communication to e-communication.

With the coronavirus outbreak only set to get worse feelings of loneliness are set to increase as more and more people head into self-isolation. With human and face to face interaction a complete mission impossible it’s wise to remind your friends and family that you can be contacted via e-communication. Send some old fashioned emails, texts or even pick up the phone and have a good old natter with those you can’t physically reach out to. Remind family and friends you love them daily. For many people, loneliness can be very scary.

2. Support freelancers at this difficult time

Freelancers and those who work independently are going to be increasingly financially burdened at this time. Support your freelancers by giving them extra work you are unable to do. These could be babysitting/child care support and odd paid jobs that many would be happy to take.

3. Offer support to the elderly and vulnerable

During this difficult time we must understand that the elderly and vulnerable are going to be more increasingly worse off than us. If you’re young, fit and healthy, it might be nice to remind your elderly and vulnerable neighbours that you’d be happy to help with shopping and collecting prescriptions. Do remember to keep physical contact to a minimum (at least 2 metres) and leave anything you’ve bought/collected for people outside their door rather than physically handing it to them.

4. For the love of God don’t stock pile

You do not need to stock pile toilet paper, pasta, rice and hand wash. Only buy as much as you need. Stock piling items is only putting more elderly and vulnerable individuals at risk as they can’t access what they need. Think before you buy. Do you really need those 8 packs of toilet rolls you’ve dumped into your trolley?

5. Wash your hands and remind others to do so

Wash your hands after being outside, in public spaces or being in close contact with people. Remember to wash them using soap and warm water and remember to wash them regularly.  Remind young children to wash their hands also. For the old and vulnerable who may not be able to reach the bathroom, offer them hand sanitiser and remind them also to use this regularly. A smart tip is that if you’re going to wash your hands at least do it for at least 20 seconds and sing a song while doing it. Government advise has been to sing Happy Birthday but you can sing at least the first 20 seconds of any song you like. For example

Go on now, go, walk out the door Just turn around now 'Cause you're not welcome anymore Weren't you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye Do you think I'd crumble Did you think I'd lay down and die?

Oh no, not I, I will survive Oh, as long as I know how to love, I know I'll stay alive I've got all my life to live And I've got all my love to give and I'll survive I will survive, hey, hey”

6. Be wise and don’t overwhelm yourself or others

It’s so easy with the recent outbreak for misinformation and mass panic to be spread by the media. Take time out from reading news articles and only read well-informed and up to date information.  Don’t spread or share ill-informed articles on social media, you’re only contributing to the scare and mass panic and ultimately you’re helping no one.

7. Be respectful!

Don’t be racist, rude, or discriminatory against people during this difficult time. Truth is, most of us are suffering. Imagine how you would feel if the same was said or done to you. Those elderly and vulnerable people can still hear you when you declare from the roof tops that it’s all ok because they are the only ones who might die. Think before you speak and be kind. Don’t spread hateful or hurtful information. Look after your elderly and vulnerable neighbours and reassure them this will pass over.