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Dating during a pandemic. How?

Covid-19. Lockdowns. Not a human insight. What to do?

With the recent pandemic that has shocked the world, we have now entered a very different stage of dating. Probably one that we haven't really seen before and we're all quite fearful of. But often it's the loneliness that really gets us. How can I find my special someone in light of all this pandemic stuff?

Before COVID-19, many of us would have found ourselves meeting up with a potential new romance as soon as possible because there's nothing like meeting up with someone in real life is there? However, now we have been left to our own devices, quite literally. Texts, video calling, phone calling and in-app messages are becoming everyday communication and while this may not be the best method of communicating with a potential new romance fulltime, it's working great during all this pandemic stuff.

But how can I communicate effectively? I hear you shout while keeping your 2-metre distance. Unfortunately, when it comes to digital dating and messaging there aren't a specific set of rules you can follow and there certainly isn't a correct way to message/text. With anxieties running high, this is probably not the best news to throw at you. However, fear not! Afterglow has provided you with 3 tips on digital dating from our experts.

1. Want to add a special something to your messages? Maybe you're a bit goofy like me and need a way to show off your fun and friendly personality? Then... use GIFs. As simple as it sounds, it works. It's fun, friendly and ads a little bit of quirkiness to the convo and here at Afterglow we're all about being quirky! GIFs are your friends. For that extra special something, you could consider being extra quirky and sending over a few memes. Laughter is the best medicine.

2. Be Open. It's very hard to be open and honest on a dating app when most people will just move on to someone else as soon as they come along. However, when you're open and invest in the conversation then you'll actually find that communicating over messages is just as good and fun as communicating in real life. Obviously don't make this a full time thing otherwise you might as well be dating a robot.

3. Make plans. Talk about things you miss and if you find a commonplace that you both miss then maybe you could arrange to go together. I've 100% been missing my weekly Wagamama's so I'll definitely think about turning this into a date once lockdown is over! It's always nice to think of the good times and things we miss. Here at Afterglow, we've found that we've really learnt to appreciate our freedom a lot more since the lockdown and we all can't wait to make some plans and get together for a drink once this has blown over.

4. Check-in. You've found someone you like. They like your GIFs and memes and they've agreed to make a few plans with you for after lockdown. What now? A little check-in can't hurt. What's that? I hear you ask. A check-in is a subtle way of checking you're both on the same page. Ask them if they're interested in where you want this to go and if they seem keen then that's great, you're on the same page and we like that. A check-in never hurt anyone. What does hurt is if you've invested time in talking to someone and it turns out they really don't want the same things as you. So, the moral of this story is check-in.

Remember, ultimately, be safe, have fun and stay home.

Lots of love,

The Afterglow Team