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Best Places to Go on A Date UK - Gigs!

By Charlotte Brennan

Dates are a funny thing. Whether it is your first date with someone new or your 50th with your partner they can still make you feel those butterflies in your stomach. I’ve been on my fair share of dates over the years (luckily they have all been good) and I have decided to share with you why I believe that gigs are the best UK date idea!

For those of you that are big music lovers like myself, gigs can be a fantastic date idea. It is an opportunity to share a part of yourself with your partner that is quite personal and allows you to start building a deeper connection with them. If it is your first date it gives you quite a broad topic of conversation and is an easy way for your date to get to know you.

If you are in the same position as me and your partner likes the same type of music as you (which is such a blessing), then gig tickets can be a cute present and it gives you the opportunity to go out together and do something different. I am sure your partner would absolutely LOVE tickets to see their favourite band/artist and you could make a day of it by going for food beforehand and having a few cheeky drinks too. This is definitely a more expensive way of going on this type of date, but if the show is in an arena it will feel so much more special and create such amazing memories as it is likely to be a one-off evening out. From personal experience, seeing the joy in your partners face whilst they are watching their favourite artist perform is just indescribable; it just makes your heart flutter and is a moment that will never be replicated again.

Going to a gig also gives you the chance to get all dressed up. You can put on your best shirt or wear a full face of fancy makeup depending on what kind of show you are going to or how you want to experience the show (I recommend that you don’t put on your best garms if you are planning to get all sweaty in the mosh pit). However, dressing up is certainly not a requirement for gigs and you can be a bit more casual. If you want to dress down in a nice pair of jeans and trainers, then that’s okay too. Just as long as you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing that’s all that matters – although it is always nice to put a bit of effort in for a date.

Like I have mentioned above you can make this an expensive evening out, but gigs to me are the perfect date option as they don’t have to break the bank. Smaller local gigs can cost less than £10 a ticket and the bands/artists are still very talented and great to watch live. In Southampton, you should keep up-to-date with Heartbreakers, The Loft and The Joiners as these smaller venues usually have some good musicians in for a good price. These venues may not feel as nice as big arena shows but you will still have a fantastic time and the intimacy you feel at these shows definitely makes up for the weird smell of beer mixed with sweat.

I know that live music may not be to everyone’s taste and that it may be a more difficult date option if you suffer from mental health problems or have any physical disabilities but many venues are trying to cater to all the requirements of these conditions. Smaller venues struggle to be as inclusive in this way, particularly with physical disabilities, due to the size of the venues and the type of buildings they are, but bigger venues like arenas and O2 Academy venues are a lot more inclusive. This should hopefully mean that everyone can choose to go to a gig if they want to regardless if it is for a date.

If you do end up choosing to go to a gig for a date I hope it goes well and that you both enjoy yourself. Just make sure you’re not ‘that’ couple who are snogging their faces off in the pit as everyone hates that couple.

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