Blog writing terms and conditions 

Recently updated 30/09/2020 to reflect the new competition

By submitting this form you agree to share your Full name, your Email Address, your University, your Birthday, your Blog writing submission and your time of submission with Afterglow. By submitting this form you agree that you are over 18 years of age, a student studying at a UK university or higher education institution and that you are not a representative of or have been employed by Afterglow in the last 6 months. By submitting this form you agree to be contacted by an Afterglow representative should you prove to be successful with your submission. You also understand that by submitting this article/blog post for submission your article could be published on Afterglow's blog/Afterglow's app blog regardless if you are a competition winner or not. Afterglow will always seek approval from you before posting. Afterglow may ask for proof of age.

Submission terms
Blog Writer agrees to submit a written article, with a minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 1000 words, for publication on Afterglow’s blog under the following name (Blog writers name or Pen name) Blog Writer will submit  (title of article) to Afterglow’s blog following the execution of this Agreement. This Article will be submitted via this form on Afterglow's website.


Afterglow agrees to pay Blog Writer £0 for each Article submitted and £0 for their time and any costs occurred from writing this article. Afterglow has the sole and exclusive authority to determine whether or not to publish this article submitted by Blog Writer. 

If Blog Writer should win this competition Blog Writer will receive a prize of £25 awarded in the form of a gift voucher. Afterglow have the sole and exclusive authority to determine the winner of this competition and our decision is final. Any article submitted for consideration from 30th September 2020 - 1st January 2021 will be entered into this competition. (Updated: 30/09/20 - Any article submitted for consideration from 30th September 2020 - 1st January 2021 will be entered into this competition.)


Publishing rights
Blog Writer grants, assigns, and transfers to Afterglow the full and exclusive right to: publish, publicly distribute, transmit and display, reproduce, and use the Articles worldwide, including all revisions thereof, in Afterglow’s blog, in all media now known or later developed. Blog Writer also grants Afterglow permission to publish this article in the blog section of Afterglow’s app, the blog section of Afterglow's website and on social media accounts owned by Afterglow now and social media accounts opened in the future. 

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Afterglow grants Blog Writer permission to publish this Article elsewhere after the publication of the Article in Afterglow’s blog, subject to the acknowledgment of the Article’s initial publication in Afterglow’s blog; provided, however, that Blog Writer will not allow the publication of the Article in a publication or with a company that competes with Afterglow without the written permission of Afterglow.

In addition, Afterglow grants Blog Writer permission to use any published Article in any form or format for Blog Writer’s teaching, presentations, lectures, website, social media accounts and for all of Blog Writer’s academic and professional activities.

Blog Writer confirms that by completing this form that copyright has not previously been assigned nor the Article published elsewhere.


Blog Writer also confirms that the Articles do not infringe any valid copyright or other proprietary right of any other person and that the Articles contain no libelous, defamatory or other unlawful material, nor do they violate any proprietary rights nor invade the privacy rights or infringe the publicity rights of any third party. If the Articles include any copyrighted material not in the public domain, Blog Writer will obtain the reprint permissions and provide them to Afterglow at the time the Articles are submitted via this form on Afterglow's website. 

Afterglow is authorized to edit the Articles for style, usage, and appropriateness; provided, however, that Afterglow shall not be free to make significant and unessential changes in the Articles without the approval of Blog Writer. Afterglow reserves the right to require a rewrite to be completed within seven (7) days unless specified otherwise. If Afterglow determines that any Article is not suitable for publication, Afterglow will not pay Blog Writer for their time or publish said article and Blog Writer retains all rights to the Article.

Hold harmless
Blog Writer agrees to hold Afterglow, its employees and any representative of Afterglow harmless from any claim, suit or proceeding based on the grounds that the Articles infringe any valid copyright or other proprietary right of any other person; contain libellous, defamatory or other unlawful material; invade the privacy rights or infringe the publicity rights of any other person; and agrees to compensate Afterglow, its employees and representatives for expenses occurred in defending, settling, or otherwise responding to such claims.

Independent contractor
The parties expressly agree and acknowledge that the relationship created by this Agreement is one of independent contractor. Afterglow is not the employer of Blog Writer, and Blog Writer is not and will not be treated as an employee of Afterglow for tax purposes or any other purposes.

Your details and Third Party providers 

You agree that your blog will be published on Afterglow's website and Afterglow's app and that it will be seen by all our users and anyone that accesses the app or website. You agree that your name, or a pen name if you so wish to use one, will also be shared as the author of the article with our users and anyone who may access the blog or app. We will retain your provided contact email address and name  for the purpose of contacting you if you are successful in winning the competition. Your email address and name may also be used to contact you in the event of a dispute over ownership rights of the submitted blog article or a suspected breach of ownership rights of the submitted blog article. Afterglow uses third party services provided by Wix, Digital Ocean and Zoho and your submitted information will be shared with these services.

Termination of Agreement
This Agreement will begin on the date that this form is submitted and shall continue until terminated by either party. If either party violates a term of this Agreement, then the other party may terminate this Agreement immediately upon delivery of a written notice of termination.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, either party may terminate this Agreement at any time for any or no reason, effective upon thirty (30) days written notice. In such case or if such case were to occur, blog writer should present their written notice to

Signing this agreement

By submitting this form you agree to all the terms stated above and that by providing your name you have agreed to and signed these terms. 

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