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Future Worlds

Dragons' Den Cohort 2020

A member of the Future Worlds Business Accelerator program 2020 and a part of the Dragons' Den Cohort 2020.

Univ. of Southampton

Foundership Grant Scheme

A recipient of funding and a member of the Foundership Grant Scheme at the University of Southampton. 

Liverpool Guild Student Media

Featured in

Afterglow was featured in the Liverpool Guild Student Media on the 1st June 2020

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100 Big Ideas 

Award Winner

One of the 100 Big Ideas Award Winners. 

Santander Universities

SEED Funding Recipient

A recipient of SEED funding from Santander Universities and a recipient of the #SantanderUniTogether 25k Funding round

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Our Founders

We are two students from the South East of England. Afterglow was an app we created in our small student apartment alongside studying for our degrees. We had a vision; to keep our friends safe while dating. Instead of waiting for current dating apps to bring us decent and quality safety features we decided to create our own. One small idea, one small apartment and two big passions created what we have here today.

Afterglow is a safety-focused dating and wellbeing app made for students by students. Our big vision is to prevent minors, fake users and registered offenders from using dating app. 

On Afterglow, you can rest assured that every profile is a verified university student and, more importantly, a real person. Our app offers a wide variety of safety features that (as far as we are aware) no other dating app offers.